Let me start by saying I have loved all of Melody Carlson’s books that I have read and this one is no exception. All Summer Long follows Tia D’Amico as she moves to San Francisco to help her aunt with the task of converting a yacht into a restaurant. Upon arriving there she meets back up with an old crush of hers, Leo, and romance ensues.

As most novels in the Christian Romance genre it was very predictable and I knew how it was going to end from the start but that didn’t make the journey any less enjoyable. The characters are beautifully written and developed over the course of the story and you will find yourself rooting for their romance. The setting is also wonderfully described and you will feel like you are really there alongside the characters. This was a fun, light-hearted read that is perfect for a lazy summer day.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.