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In this novel we follow the characters of Blake and Autumn. Blake has just returned to his hometown and has been given the job of running the Christmas festival but in order to do this successfully he must enlist the help of Autumn. Unfortunately their families have a long feud running so problems emerge. The characters are believable and Tagg’s wit is abundant. This novel will leave you laughing and anxious for more. It is a quick read but one that you will thoroughly enjoy!


This is the second novel in the series A Place to Call Home but can easily be read as a stand alone novel.  This was one of those novels that I found very difficult to put down, I just wanted to keep reading and find out what was going to happen next to the main characters Sarah and Chris.

Sarah Cooley has just moved back to her hometown of Last Chance after graduating from college to start teaching at the local elementary school. It is difficult for her to deal with some of the changed that have occurred to her town since being gone including a newcomer, Chris Reed, who now owns the local restaurant. At first Sarah doesn’t care for Chris but eventually she changed her mind. Also added to the mix is Brandon, Sarah’s ex-boyfriend who wants to be more, and Olivia, Chris’s niece, and you get a novel that goes through many twists and turns.

The plot and characters of this book are all executed very well and the result is a book that you will definitely want to check out. You will laugh and cry alongside the characters and feel like you are right there with them.